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Charangueando Online

With Willy Rios


Willy rios

Willy Rios, founder and teacher of the Charangueando Online school , is a Bolivian Charanguista musician with a musical career of more than 35 years.

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“The charango is an instrument that is linked to the earth, because everything comes from Pachamama (Mother Earth). The tree comes from the ground, the instrument is made of material that comes from the ground. The instrument sounds because we are children of the Pachamama "

-Willy Rios


Accompanied by great musicians, Willy invites you on a multicultural journey with soft, melancholic and joyful music at the same time.

Charango courses online

Learn to play charango today, no matter what country you are in, online courses are available to everyone!

Sale of Charangos

A large selection of professional Charangos with strict quality control are available for sale.

Charangueando Online
Student Testimonials


My name is Debbie Blackwell and I have been playing the Charango for many years but wanted to learn more technique and repertoire. I was excited to find Willy Rios school “Charangueando” on Facebook and decided to enroll. Willy offers online lessons via Skype, which allowed me to take lessons from the comfort of my own home. I have already noticed an improvement in my playing and the format of Willy’s lessons includes a video review of what was covered in each lesson, making it easy to follow along while practicing at home.  Even though I speak some Spanish, Willy also conducts lessons in English (he speaks three or four languages!). I recommend anyone, whether just starting Charango or a seasoned player, to take lessons from Willy Rios at “Charangueando”.

Debbie Blackwell


Willy is an experienced and talented teacher who gives you the ideal learning experience to immerse yourself in the world of Charango. Whether you are in absolute beginner, or have been someone who self taught themselves, he gives you the right guidance to build on wherever you are in your journey. As a guitarist, he has helped me transition and understand where to focus. As as teacher myself, I value his enthusiasm and patience to teach. Because of Willy, playing Charango is now something I enjoy everyday.

Massiel Barros


I have been taking lessons with Willy for 6 months and I can not believe the progress I have made! Willy knows how to teach to my strengths and weaknesses as a musician. He gently pushes me to do better by teaching me inspiring songs that are right at my skill level. Above all Willy is a kind, patient, and an extremely effective teacher. His love of music comes through in his teaching. 

Patrick Good


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